Driven by what we do – inspired by how we do it

We firmly believe that the sustainability of a company is not only determined by what it does but also by how it behaves. Being a leading player in our sector and our geography, we provide individuals, businesses and entire communities with the energy they need to fuel their projects and parts of their life. They rely on us and we must prove that we deserve their trust.

By adopting an integrated approach to the economic, environmental, ecological and social dimensions of our activity, we seek to create stable long-term relationships with all customers. These are based on quality of services rendered, innovative products, and reliable and sustainable energy supply. But they are also based on our commitment to the highest standards of legal and ethical behaviour in all our activities.

Our group is working hard to justify the confidence of our employees, customers, business partners, stakeholders and all those we interact with as part of our work. We need to be responsible and reliable, which of course includes complying with all laws and regulations. But we must also strive to go further when it is fair, relevant and possible. Service availability and reliability, transparent governance, fair procurement practices and respect for privacy are essential topics for the Encevo Group.

For further information, please download our Corporate Governance Charter.

Ethics alert channel

Any person who would have obtained information in the context of its professional activities with the Encevo Group in relation to possible ethical concerns, improper conducts including human rights violations and any acts or omissions which are unlawful, or which could conflict the object or purpose of applicable laws, can confidentially submit this information through the channels described hereafter.

The person who will have submitted such information will be protected against any form of reprisals. In order to benefit from this protection, he/she must have had reasonable grounds to believe that the information was true at the time when it was submitted.

The confidential channels that the person can use to alert the Encevo Group are as follows:

The information can be sent in writing by mail to the following address:

B.P. 57 L-5801 Hesperange

The information can also be sent by e-mail to the following address:

One of the following persons can be contacted by phone:

  • Christophe Jung, in his capacity as Group Compliance Officer: +352 2737 9277
  • Elena Galatanu, Head of Group Internal Audit: + 352 2737 9012

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