Enovos, a company with a long history

While Enovos has only been known by this name since 2009, the company’s origins go back much further. Here are some milestones that have marked the company’s development from 1928 to the present day.

In most of our Western societies, the need to organize the production and distribution of energy emerged with the mastery of electricity, which became widespread in our cities in the first half of the 20th century. It was also at this time that the ancestor of Enovos was born.

1928: Cegedel, ancestor of Enovos and Creos.

In 1928, Cegedel, the company of the Grand Duchy responsible for electricity in Luxembourg, was created. This concessionary company, governed by an agreement signed with the Luxembourg government, was responsible for the transport, distribution, and supply of electricity throughout the country.

However, two other operators were active in or near Luxembourg at the same time as Cegedel:

  • Soteg ;
  • Saar Ferngas, founded in 1929

2009: the birth of Enovos and Creos.

In 2009, after acquiring the shares of the Cegedel and Saar Ferngas shareholders, Soteg restructured itself in depth to give birth to the Enovos International group, including Creos and Enovos Luxembourg. Each structure has its role:

  • Enovos Luxembourg is an energy supplier
  • Creos Luxembourg is a network operator

In the same year, the first support platform for electric mobility was created in Luxembourg in collaboration with the Henri Tudor Public Research Center.

2010: integration of Luxgaz Distribution and Leo into Enovos Luxembourg.

In 2010, Enovos continued its development by taking over the commercial activities of Luxgaz Distribution and integrating Leo, the energy supplier of the city of Luxembourg.

The Enovos Foundation is created the same year with the ambition to act responsibly for present and future generations.

2011: naturstroum for all Enovos private customers.

To enable each of its private customers in Luxemburg to benefit from green energy, Enovos is proposing naturstroum to all its customers as a basic offer at no extra cost.

2012: first photovoltaic installation.

Through the company Encasol, a joint venture with Cactus Group, Enovos installs its first photovoltaic complex. The beginning of a long series.

2014:  creation of Energy Solutions & Services

Enovos created the Energy Solutions & Services department to explore new technologies to drive forward the energy transition.

2015: launch of the enoprimes premium program.

The enoprimes program is set up to help every citizen improve their home’s energy efficiency through bonuses.

2015: Enoshops, dedicated to service quality.

Our customer centers across the country are renamed ”enoshops”. Follow-up and high-quality customer service characterize these different sites.

2016: Enovos International becomes Encevo.

To better differentiate the energy provider and the holding company, Enovos International changed its graphic identity in 2016 and was renamed Encevo.

2018: improving digital support.

By allowing its customers to follow its various administrative processes on my.enovos.lu, Enovos aims to offer them more flexibility and ease in managing their energy supply offers.