Enovos' four core values

To evolve serenely, any company must unite around essential values. The Encevo Group has defined four core values that guide Enovos’ daily activities.

A company’s identity is reflected in many values, which constitute its DNA. For consistency, Encevo has identified four values that apply to every company within the group. These values are practiced daily in our dealings with colleagues, customers, and all parties we interact with.


The respect for people and nature

Colleagues, employers, service providers, and other stakeholders… No matter whom we deal with, Enovos employees address them with respect.

Enovos is a forward-looking company and therefore manages resources responsibly and sustainably. By doing so, we contribute to the success of the energy transition while ensuring the security of energy supply for our customers, now and in the future.

Team spirit is the beating heart of Enovos

No company can achieve the required efficiency without a strong team spirit. At Enovos, this value is fundamental.

We know that each employee and colleague contributes to the company’s success, thanks to their skills and experience. We see each other as reliable partners, and this trust enables us to meet any challenge.



A strong commitment within Encevo

Employee commitment is not an empty word at Enovos. That’s why we ensure that everyone is proud to be part of the Encevo Group and can identify with the company.

To create this pride, we cultivate personal initiative while striving every day to strengthen the cohesion of our teams. This is naturally reinforced by our work favoring the energy transition, a strong element around which all our employees are united. Together, we strive to work towards the development of a more sustainable society!

Enovos, a commitment to excellence

To offer products and services that aim for excellence is the goal of Enovos and the entire Encevo Group.

To this end, we train our employees to improve their knowledge and constantly adopt an innovative approach. This is a must in a constantly changing industry.