CSR at Enovos: an essential approach

As a major energy player in the Greater Region, Enovos attaches great importance to the sustainability of its practices. Ambitious CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives have been launched for several years.

Working towards greater sustainability in business practices means not only ensuring that we do not negatively impact the environment in which we operate, but also having a positive effect on society, our employees and nature as a whole.

As an energy supplier active in the development of green energy, Enovos has been deploying CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) practices for several years now, in line with its ambitions.

Enovos’ priorities in terms of CSR

Under the leadership of the Encevo Group, Enovos has established a list of strategic CSR priorities:

  • acting for sustainable economic performance
  • providing a reliable and intelligent energy supply
  • developing clean energy
  • acting for employee development and engagement
  • ensuring infrastructure security
  • ensuring data protection and cybersecurity
  • developing an ambitious “health & safety” policy
  • ensuring that the entire supply chain is responsible and sustainable

Beyond these priorities, Enovos also aims to act on energy efficiency, circular economy, empowerment of local communities, diversity, and equality, among others.

4 axes for more sustainability in the company

These priority objectives can be grouped under four specific development areas.

  1. Resource efficiency: improvie energy management to accelerate the reduction of CO2 emissions.
  2. Product impact: provide high-quality products by ensuring security of supply.
  3. Business integrity: improve standards and controls for conducting business ethically to build trust among all stakeholders.
  4. Employee wellbeing: create a company culture that promotes inclusion and offers good career opportunities to every employee.

The Encevo Group has worked on these areas for many years, with very positive results. These achievements were recognized in 2015 when Encevo was awarded the INDR CSR label.