The Enovos Foundation, a lever for sustainable development in Luxemburg

Fondation Enovos

By supporting social projects, the development of renewable energies, and research in the field of the environment and sustainable development, the Enovos Foundation reflects the company’s desire to act responsibly towards present and future generations.

As a major energy supplier in the Greater Region, Enovos has the capacity to act in favour of sustainable development, by promoting the energy transition and by supporting the associative network in Luxembourg.

It is to give concrete expression to this desire that the Enovos Foundation was created in 2010 by Enovos Luxembourg S.A. and placed under the aegis of the Foundation de Luxembourg, a public utility foundation.

The three objectives of the Enovos Foundation

The Enovos Foundation pursues three objectives:

  • to promote and develop renewable energy sources in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.
  • to actively contribute to environmental and sustainable development research by supporting scientific projects in the energy sector in general and renewable energies in particular.
  • to support social projects by getting involved with associations.

Developing renewable energies

The first major objective of the Enovos Foundation is at the heart of the energy supplier’s business. The Enovos Foundation aims to act for a sustainable energy transition.

To achieve this goal, the Enovos Foundation has created the nova naturstroum fund. This fund, which receives 200,000 euros a year from the Foundation, finances particularly innovative projects with a multiplier effect or high educational value in the field of renewable energy.

The nova naturstroum fund, therefore, grants aid, according to specific criteria, to a series of beneficiaries who have carried out projects related to energy efficiency, eco-technologies, rational use of resources or renewable energy:

  • individuals
  • municipalities
  • public or educational institutions
  • NGOs (Non-governmental organisations)
  • companies (S.A., Sarl, among others.)
  • NPO (Non-profit organisations)
  • cooperatives

Supporting research for sustainable development

The Enovos Foundation also supports research in the fields of renewable energy and sustainable development.

Among the projects funded in recent years are:

  • INDUCTIVE project, led by the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability, and Trust (SnT) at the University of Luxembourg, aims to exploit flexibility in electric car charging to optimize demand, particularly by charging cars during periods of high supply in the electricity markets.
  • PV Forecast, conducted by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), built a model to predict regional energy production from photovoltaic systems for the next 72 hours.
  • SECuRe, also led by LIST, aims to visualise the energy potential of an entire city at a single glance.

Supporting Luxemburg associations

Finally, the Enovos Foundation is committed to the Luxembourg associations to act for a more united world. Among the projects and structures supported in recent years are:

  • the Liewenshaff project of Päerd’s Atelier NPO, which offers a place of learning and living for young people with behavioral issues;
  • the Kriibskrank Kanner foundation, which helps children with cancer and their families;
  • the ALPAPS - Special Olympics supports sportsmen and women with mental disabilities.