Developing renewable energy production in Luxembourg

Developing renewable energy production capacities in Luxembourg and the Greater Region is a priority for Enovos.

Given the growing need for electricity due to the rise in electromobility, we must constantly improve our renewable energy production capacities.

Departments dedicated to renewable energies

Enovos is investing today in the facilities that will ensure the continuity of our electricity supply tomorrow. In this way, we contribute to achieve the objectives set by the European Union for 2030:

  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40% (compared with 1990 levels)
  • increasing the share of renewable energy to at least 32%
  • improving energy efficiency by at least 32.5%

Developing photovoltaics in Luxembourg

One of our first projects is to increase the number of photovoltaic installations in Luxembourg considerably. To achieve this, we have forged strong partnerships with key players in the local economy.

Large-scale photovoltaic installations are now operated on the sites of numerous companies throughout Luxemburg.

Partnerships for other renewable energies

Enovos also seeks to develop other renewable energy sources, such as wind and hydropower, by entering into various partnerships.

Through its 50% stake in Soler S.A. (the other shareholder being Société Électrique de l’Our), Enovos plans to build and operate hydroelectric power stations and wind farms in Luxemburg. Concretely, Soler represents:

  • 41 wind turbines ;
  • 3 hydroelectric plants ;
  • 118.35 MV installed by the end of 2021 ;
  • 55,000 households supplied with renewable energy;
  • 160 tons of CO2 saved.

Through Enovos Green Power, Enovos also develops renewable energy projects in Belgium and the Netherlands, focusing on photovoltaic and wind energy.

Our 60% stake in Luxenergie allows us to plan, realize, finance, and operate energy plants in Luxemburg.