Green energy to ensure our future

Enovos works daily to provide every customer with the energy they need. But we also make sure that our offer is as sustainable as possible.

You’re probably familiar with the Enovos slogan: “Energy for today. Caring for tomorrow.” This reflects our commitment to provide every customer with the energy they need and to give priority to renewable energy sources that will enable us to meet the challenge of climate change.

100% green electricity

At Enovos, change is already underway. Since 2011, we have been supplying all our residential customers with 100% green electricity produced in Europe through our basic offer: naturstroum.

By opting for our nova naturstorum offer,, you have access to electricity produced more locally from hydro, wind, solar, or biomass sources. By doing so, you invest in creating new renewable energy production facilities in and around Luxemburg.

Note that companies also have the possibility of choosing electricity from renewable sources, according to their needs.

Organic or climate-neutral gas

Enovos is also working hard to propose the cleanest natural gas possible. Today, our customers have two options:

  • 100% organic natural gas, produced in Luxemburg and Europe.
  • natural gas at a standard rate that is 100% climate neutral.

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