Together, let's improve our energy efficiency

As a responsible player in the energy market, Enovos acts by helping you improve your energy efficiency or by financing innovative energy projects.

The cleanest (and cheapest) energy is the one we don’t consume. With this in mind, Enovos supports various approaches to improve our overall energy efficiency and thus limit our carbon footprint.

Learn the right reflexes to save energy

Turning off your computer and television instead of leaving them on standby, turning down your heating when the house is empty, taking your bike instead of your car to travel a few kilometers… All of these reflexes, put together, can save significant amounts of energy.

Enovos is therefore committed to providing information about these environmentally valuable actions.. This concerns not only our customers but also the younger generation as a whole. By participating in certain events, collaborating with the energieagence for the creation of extracurricular modules intended for children, or proposing adapted and playful information on our website, Enovos makes young people aware of the importance of responsible energy consumption on a daily basis.

Enoprimes, an aid to renovation

Energy renovations can considerably reduce the energy consumption of a home. Unfortunately, they are often expensive.

To help Luxembourg households to undertake an energy renovation, we have created the enoprimes programme in order to help you finance part of your work, whether replacing a heating system, insulating, or installing a mechanical ventilation system.

The nova naturstroum fund premiums

The nova naturstroum fund is part of the Enovos Foundation’s environmental pillar and supports your energy projects. However, the grants from this fund go beyond simple renovation assistance, as they are also intended for:

  • people or organisations that have demonstrated a tremendous ecological commitment to renewable energies, energy efficiency, and eco-technologies
  • people or organisations that develop exceptional projects requiring an adapted bonus