Support in reducing your CO2 emissions

It’s not always easy to calculate your company’s carbon footprint or know how to reduce your CO2 emissions. As an energy specialist, Enovos can help you with these essential steps in the context of the energy transition.

How much greenhouse gas do I emit each year, individually or through my company? You may have already asked yourself this question without being able to answer it. However, paying attention to one’s carbon footprint is crucial to achieving our collective goals in terms of energy transition.

Enovos has developed a dedicated offer to help you in this process.

Calculating your company’s carbon footprint

First of all, Enovos collaborates with energieagence to measure your company’s greenhouse gas emissions using the ADEME’s Carbon Footprint method.

This gives an accurate view of the current situation and allows you to implement strategies to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

eno4climate, to offset your company’s emissions

Through its eno4climate offer, Enovos offers you the possibility to offset your greenhouse gas emissions by supporting sustainable projects worldwide in various fields such as agriculture, reforestation, nature protection, etc.

These offset projects are certified by two renowned international standards (VCS – Voluntary Carbon Standard – and GS – Gold Standard).

Helping you improve your energy efficiency

In addition to companies, Enovos also wants to help individuals to reduce their carbon footprint by optimising their energy consumption. This involves several solutions:

  • advice to improve energy efficiency daily,
  • grants and subsidies to realize energy renovation works,
  • support for energy-efficient construction

Feel free to contact Enovos to learn more about these different solutions!